Mister Dodo Bones & the One-Eyed Jacks - Taking Names" album


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Review from MERV OSBORNE - Blues Matters - 21st January 2020

This is a completely new name to me so I checked them out on YouTube.

Bones is an interesting character. Sat alongside Mark Edwards on guitar and with Harry Hamer, percussion tenor guitar and mandolin behind him and Richard Bostock on double bass. Not your usual set up yet I immediately had a liking for the acoustic material I was hearing.

Firstly, these are not to be mixed up with the Hertfordshire band DodoBones because I believe Mister Bones hails from Yorkshire, but information on the individuals is difficult to find.

What is not debatable is the quality of output.

From what I hear, there are no original songs, with the exception of three very short offerings from Dave Foster, who appears on the Echo Super Vamper harmonica on two tracks. The other tracks range between the Blues as in Intro-Walter’s Walk or Sober by Dan Welch and the Folk and Country styled songs such as Rowland Salley’s Killing The Blues or Terry Allen’s Give Me A Ride To Heaven, Boy.

There are three outstanding tracks on this CD however. Link Wray’s Fire & Brimstone is a song that could have been written purely to suit Mister Bones gravelly and well lived in vocals, with the interaction between the guitars particularly appealing. Merle Haggard’s The Bottle Let Me Down, a fast paced Country tune has a story behind it that I suspect could almost be autobiographical for the singer. The third track is the well travelled Blues of Rice Miller’s Nine Below Zero.

The band are almost in a haunting mood and the strains of the harmonica that float in and out give the whole a sense of authenticity. Overall I enjoyed this album and believe I would enjoy seeing the band live.


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