"The tRUMP Spattered Banner"

One hour of despair on the afternoon of 9th November 2016,
Sentencing day of the trial of trump and clinton


The start of pre-processional

Lucille Clerc suggested that censorship or violence against artists was like breaking a
pencil and that far from making less pencils it doubled their number.

But that is not true.


wash - 19°56'48.65"S, 43°56'40.88"W
Truists' ultra-minimal song:
washing machine in Belo Horizonte at 19°56'48.65"S, 43°56'40.88"W


Anzac Bridge - 33.8693° S, 151.1858° E
Ultra-minima music with Mike Hayes


You're changing me - 18°44′57″S, 44°26′48″W
One shot video for the Truists' tune "You're changing me."


A seasonal tree part-dried and incinerated


Book by Geoff Clout - or download the PDF for free - click here

"Geoff Clout speculates wildly; one page he’s outlining grandiose plans for pan-dimensional stories (real and imaginary) in multiple languages; the next he’s dreaming up one-line slogans for T-shirts. There are word games amplified to the point of absurdity, if absurdity has a point. There are outlines of non-original artworks and proposal for faux documentary films. There’s a story about a subtitler too... This is a book of observations and ideas - flippant, profound,cynical, wry - 786 of them!"

get used to it

Book by Geoff Clout
786.0 / 786.1 - OA: realistic photos, from an ebay auction listing.

Whilst searching for images for another purpose I came across these photographs in an ebay auction that was primarily for Citroën and Renault car parts.
I was struck with the way they were shown.
The red carpet and multiple angles with no attempt to obscure or highlight the dirt and damage seem to me to be ultra-perfect, not unlike photo-realist paintings.

Spiral Portraits - short experimental output

!gib(the subtitler) 26minutes

"It can't be true that non English speakers are intrinsically more beautiful..."
We started with the idea of speaking in Gibberish, speaking in tongues, emotion without language. By watching the results carefully we interpreted what the Gibberish words might mean by their context and expression or by treating them as an extravagantly broad dialect of English and try for as un-zany a translation as possible. Scenes gained coherence and meaning when tied to the superimposed titles. In fact they sometimes sound like English when prompted by the subtitles. I bought a subtitler/overlayer and wrote subtitling, animation and graphic manipulation programs for my computer.
Geoff Clout with Howard Storey -- 1991