"The trump Spattered Banner"

One hour of despair on the afternoon of 9th November 2016,
Sentencing day of the trial of trump and clinton


The start of pre-processional

Lucille Clerc suggested that censorship or violence against artists was like breaking a
pencil and that far from making less pencils it doubled their number.

But that is not true.


wash - 19°56'48.65"S, 43°56'40.88"W
Truists' ultra-minimal song:
washing machine in Belo Horizonte at 19°56'48.65"S, 43°56'40.88"W


Anzac Bridge - 33.8693° S, 151.1858° E
Ultra-minima music with Mike Hayes


You're changing me - 18°44′57″S, 44°26′48″W
One shot video for the Truists' tune "You're changing me."


A seasonal tree part-dried and incinerated


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