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Fresh from the frying-pan...


“A man with a voice from beyond the grave” Steve Phillips (Notting Hillbillies)
“Stonkin’ quirky blues played with terrifying conviction” Deke Leonard (Man, Iceberg)

Mister Dodo Bones has enjoyed a wild and varied life in this sometimes-wacky world of music. He was Jack Bentley in The Jack Bentley Blues Band which featured the guitarist Richard Treece (Help Yourself) and co-founded the legendary acid-folk band Moonkyte who released the album Count Me Out. Mister Dodo Bones also played with a variety of well-known blues artists and has been an independent label owner, distributor, and music publisher.

Then there was a brief hiatus from music to concentrate on restoring the lost paintings of his grandad Walter C Foster, 1887-1929.

He has now rekindled his first love, hard-nosed, left-field, blues and country music. The beast within demanded to be heard, and it is being heard. He dusted down his array of guitars, played a few selected solo gigs and then set about recruiting some great musicians.

The fiery Mister Dodo Bones and One-Eyed Jacks were born

Mister Dodo Bones - vocals, guitars
Richard Bostock -double bass
Eddie Roll Morton - guitars
Harry Hamer - snare, brushes, cymbals and shakers
Earl Christopher Dawkins - guitars
Geoff Clout - producer, engineer, artwork, etcetera




Richard Bostock primarily on various saxophones, electro-clarinet, various bass and double bass instruments, and keyboards

Robin Stokes primarily on guitar, bass, double bass, six string bass, and keyboards

Geoff Clout primarily on drums, vocals, and technology

Richard Formby did further production and all mixing on Ballroom


All of these tunes were named and then spontaneously composed/played/sung. Most were then edited and some had overdubs added [...] and of course some ideas may have come to a player in privacy before the recording...

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