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take and taken - with Mike
            27th July 2018     
            pete gareth kester mike geoff

"Oh my god
It’s happening,It’s happening,It’s happening,It’s happening
All over
Are we going to sit here and take it?

'moving in directions of positivity'
'stun the world with your indifference'
'catapult mentality into austerity'
'crap on your crap'
sing songs of wisdom,
I know what you're talking
I know what you're saying"

it is not what it isn't - with Mike        
            27th July 2018     
            pete gareth kester mike geoff

"America’s great
Oh yeah!
We’re going to conquer the world
America’s great
Don'’t we just love America? 
You Americans if you don’t love America then you’re not Americans
If you don’t love America then you’re going to be shot
We are all great
Except those people who aren’t American
And even some Americans who aren’t great
I know lots of Americans that aren’t great
I’m going to get rid of those Americans
They’re traitors
They are destroying us
We’ve got to fight back
We’ve got to build walls
We’ve got to make sure we’re on top
We’ve got to bash the bastards
I’m great
I’ve been great for a long time
In fact I've always been great
In fact I’m been greater than anyone has ever ever ever been great
I’m just so great
You do all love me don’t you?
You do !?
You do all love me?
Because I’m great
Thank god for America
We’re going to save the world
At least we’re going to save the world for Americans
Fuck everybody else

Land of hope and glory
Mother of the free

I’ve got a woman
I’ve got a woman
I’ve got a woman in the basement
     Oh yeah
     We’ve all got women in basements
     We’ve got more basements than we’ve got women
Oh no, you can’t say that, it’s outrageous
You shouldn’t be outrageous
We don’t want to be outrageous around here
     She can look after all of us

Evening all"





















synonyms: excellent, splendid, wonderful, magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, beautiful, too good to be true, super, great, amazing, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, phenomenal, sensational, heavenly, gorgeous, dreamy, grand, fabulous, fab, fabby, fantabulous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, awesome, amazeballs, to die for, magic, ace, cool, mean, bad, wicked, mega, crucial, mind-blowing, far out, A1, sound, out of this world, marvy, dope, def, phat, brilliant, brill, smashing, bosting, neat, badass, bodacious, boss, radical, rad, peachy, boffo, bully, bitching, dandy, jim-dandy, on fleek, beaut, bonzer, groovy, spanking, divine, capital, champion, wizard, corking, ripping, cracking, spiffing, top-hole, topping, beezer, swell, keen, kif, lank, goodly

antonyms: awful