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  Gareth   Kester   Geoff   Mike   Andrew

paws and chocolate - with Kester
            17th August 2018            
            mike kester pete andrew geoff

“I thought about wood glue
was it strong enough
did it have a heart of oak
no ...
… oak tree growing from an acorn to a hen ...
let it be "

pavement , slab one - with Kester
            27th April 2018
            mike pete kester geoff     

"A lamp post, got in my way, it wouldn’t move or wink at me, today …
dorothy, where are you? …”

the salted earths - with Kester
            01st June 2018     
            kester pete mike geoff

“walking up the stairs
the first step is a long way from your picture window ...
light shade ...
the tarmack as it went away ...
october, november, january, february...

need operation …”






















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