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heads off to statute - with Geoff
            17th August 2018              
            mike kester pete andrew geoff

"Curling up, I'm curling in the warm
When I wake, what will be looking down on me?
Will it be like it was with Clare and Jan
six young heifers looking at me, and Clare, and Jan
as we lay in a field"

with the petal - with Geoff                     
            02nd December 2016

“If only it would be guaranteed to turn out well
If only it would be guaranteed, to turn out well, I would be less confused
I don't think I should go for uncertainty, do you?
I don't think I should go just for uncertainty, do you?
'cause that way they'll be telling us what to do

Oh how extremely uncomfortable I feel
my back is killing me
I should be laying in a hot bath

There's uncertainty is quite comforting
Like the way you can just guess

What the next note will be
Almost certainly ...

A dirge in D"

somnambulism awakened - with Geoff                   16th june 2018      
            gareth pete mike geoff

Sleep left or sleep right
“Where are we going to sleep tonight?
... not under the stars
I don't know I've hardly ever slept under the stars
I remember Graham told me a story
how he came upon a road in the night, from the woods
Just him and his guitar
and couldn't work out to go left or right
so he just lay on the side on the side of the road, until it was light ...

under the stars

I did once drive out
and sleep in a wood

I don't know..."

squire padlocks - with Geoff     
            27th July 2018     
            pete gareth kester mike geoff

“And we may well agree
That in the long run we may find that
That the human experience is
(And it gives me no pleasure to say it at all,
especially because of the children)
A kind of rash upon the world
Like a spring upon the meadow

Is a pointless word
To happen
To be a twat I think the word…compassion

I hate
I say “you're not using that word in a useful way”
All the people
Who don’t see
That kindness is a good thing
That kindness is a good thing
And I know I’m just a foolish, naive, “summer of love”
I thought the world would get, inevitably, a better place
And it gives me no pleasure to say it this time either
That it didn't work out that way

Normalize expectations
Make it unfulfillable
Drive everything into the hands of a few
Types of persons with agendas that don't
Respond to anything like democracy at all

"Buy me a country, please”

They don’t care what we do?



fruits of gloom - with Geoff                    
            27th July 2018     
            pete gareth kester mike geoff

"parasite, parasite,
capitalism is a constantly evolving parasite
fill the life
with unatainable
it all comes home
you have to go in debt to have a fun time
you have to be in debt to have a fun time
and feel good about yourself"



Videos from the album:

Squire Padlock - Click here to watch FULL SCREEN
In a low moment Geoff Clout wonders if the human experience is, unhappily, a kind of beautiful rash upon the world.

Why is this song so called? Because, like most tunes, it was named before it was made..

Heads off to Statute
 - Click here to watch FULL SCREEN

"Six young heifers, looking at me, and Clare, and Jan"

six young heifers - heads off to statute

















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