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every word - with Gareth
date and personnel unknown

“You can have a potato for joining our school
As long as we can beat you - it was 1832”

It seemed that I was walking through
The deserted little avenue

Where pictures of the dirty faced child abusers showed their face

St. Celia chose an apple for our our race
Clothed in dirty rags and looking ill
What were they doing sir
It was eighteen hundred and thirty two
You can have a potato for joining our school
As long as we can beat you

complete without squeezing - with Gareth   
            27th November 2015      
            mike pete kester geoff gareth

"I’m a constant reminder
Of those oh so heady days
Of thatcher and the miner’s strike
I’ve taken purple haze
the punk rock generation
with tattoos on my arm

[...] an ex peace convoy hippie
Who dances in the nude
When people make their minds up
On what should be done
With my hedonistic lifestyle
My vision of fun

[...] maniacs, expression of our time
smoking, drinking, fucking [...]
we cannot be mistaken, we're original and free
the puppeteer has disappeared
and has just let us be"


pleased with pleasure - with Gareth  
            02nd December 2016
            mike pete kester geoff gareth

"over the ether
beyond the residual raindrops
falling from the skies
returning from memories of another high
[...] moonbeams
the essence of stardust that you are, you're a star
you're a star
we all are

and I am offering [...] to the [...] to cleans my aura
I will leave you my prayer
there's always someone out there
touching, feeling
risen, graceful and righteous
waiting for the time to come
may the hand of love fall on everyone

it ain't my fault [...]
Feel the love spirit in the sky
down to mother earth, down to mother earth, down to mother earth
down to mother earth, down to mother earth, down to mother earth

a feverish attitude complains
about the drumbeats of [technology/pathology/personality]
see us, flitting about like fireflies on a distant mountain
thousands of them were lighting my way

just as the rain fell, it would have been hell if I'd slipped and broke my leg
it was not to be
for the shoes I had on
were freed from their souls
I surreptitiously stole a pair of shoes
about four sizes too big, but at least I could placate the plastic blisters on my feet
and as I stand
above and beyond,
do not be trusted
do not turn your back on fellow souls
give them food, give them drink, give them a smoke
but don't, please don't, be responsible for the twenty thousand mile stare

[...] soldier, crying in a manger, there is danger
red light, scarlet, [...] purple [...]
gracious love, be present on the plains today,
you know your way

I stand before you, convicted, and not condemned
for the hell we have seen
for the rebirth that happens
in the many patterns of laughter

in joyous grace
in true and graceful things
let the light bring love,
and the love you deserve, namaste
to us all, amen

and I'm praying for a divine miracle that takes away the [...]

Oh lord, I don't want to be a pest."

sold as golden - with Gareth      
            08th September 2017      
            pete kester mike gareth geoff

“It’s not that easy […]”

“You build no tower, no tower can fall”

build with benjamin - with Gareth                 
            16th june 2018
            gareth pete mike geoff

Kill kill kill
”Here it comes crawling”




















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